“Albanian Fashion Week” …

The Albanian Fashion Week was held in New York City for the first time during the fourth week of March 2016. It concl …


Vjollca Llapastica. The first two dresses set up her runway as simply straight lines and single cuts of fabrics, this only lured to our senses as the rest of her line was anything but ordinary. Most of her pieces having a transparent fabric element out laying what was hidden underneath. Her purple gown was reminiscent of a flappers dress thrown into a gown for that New Years celebration. Some pieces just had the crowd’s attention while others simply had a familiar feel to them but didn’t disappoint. Her blue gown radiated French aristocracy.

Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas. But what makes it new is the way is the way you put it together.

Vjollca Llapashtica


If there was one piece that can represent luxury and refinement it would be her white gown with the front legs open with an outline of gold lace strategically place. The “honeycomb” dress certainly surprised the crowd and left the imagination to its fields of use, which certainly I could say as design incorporated nature. If there were one piece to define her style and line, it would be a crime as each piece was distinctly itself. Vjollca showed her versatility in making luxury dresses that could be worn by royalty or even the everyday woman for a proper evening gown.